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Death Coaching

These sessions are for those actively dying & not actively dying. 

Please Email Me Here For Current Availability

Having walked intimately with death myself in my near death experience altering be severely ill with a series of mysteries sickness, ( you can find out more my story by clicking here)

 I have been called to offer to walk with others in their own death & dying processing. This is for those actively still living with extestiansl anxiety around death and those who have a terminal diagnosis. Being with the process of death that happens to all of us can happen at any time. In fact it is truly a gift to be able to work with my clients who are still alive & well and facing their own death with love, tenderness and grace & the profound aliveness that it brings into their everyday life. 

These session are highly personalized and can look like many things depending upon the needs of each unique person & what I hear from spirit.

I am here to hold you wherever you are at in your death & dying process.

I now offer virtual and in home visits depending upon location. And the following services for those dying & not actively living:

Services I Provide: 

~Extensional Death Anxiety Shedding

~Bedside Vigil 

~Healing Touch

~ Energy Shedding & Reiki

~Legacy Projects 

~Death Coaching 

~Somatic Death Experiencing 

~Processing the stages of dying 

~Connecting with spirit guides to support you in death 

~Practices for dying

~Shamanic Spirit Drumming 

~Birth Death Day Gatherings 

~Living Funerals while your still alive 

Packages Are As Followed: 

~2 months death coaching/ death care package for 8-60min sessions for $2,000

~3 month death coaching/ death care package for 12-60min sessions fro $3,000

~Individual death sessions for $200 per 65 min session. If you have already worked with me you will receive a discounted rate of $140. 

~I am available to travel to your home  & your family at an additional cost.

I am not a licensed therapist and not a mental health care provider. If you are in a crisis or in need of a therapist for psychological help, please contact: 

White Bird Clinic: 541-687-4000 


The National Suicide Prevention Line: 


Having a therapist or counselor or support pod is encouraged if you are wanting to work with me. I like all of my clients to be fully supported in the ways they need & doing the work outside of the work we do together

If while working together you are in need of more extensive grief support than I can give, or in need of Bereavement services, I will be happy to refer you to resources or bereavement counselors in your area. 

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