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Spiritual Coaching

Services Are Virtual & In Person

Spiritual Counseling & Private Coaching- I support adults & youth in giving my 1:1 private access to support them in a spiritually based way, who are needing support around specific areas of death, grief, illness, empowerment, integration and are ready to make a change now in their life. 

My monthly spiritual counseling packages gives each client one session a week and each package terminates at the end of the consecutive sessions. 


Each session is held on Zoom and is 60min. After a client has done at least on full subscription with me, I provide alternative offerings going forward like drop-in or bi-monthly sessions.

What To Expect:

-65 min 1:1 private sessions 

- Somatic grounding practice 

-Take home practices each week

-Integration tools 


Spiritual  Coaching on a specific area that I offer are: 

-Liberate Your Soul & Spiritual Abilities

~Identity Shedding

~The Art Of Dying Without Fear 

~Unblocking The Shadow For Liberation

or an area you are 100% ready let go & transform so you can fully live into your liberation & your essential self. 


Pricing Packages: 

  • 4 month 1:1 coaching package- 1- 60 min session bi-weekly (8 sessions total) 

  • Investment: $3,800 


  • 5 month 1:1 coaching package- 1-60min session every bi-weekly (10 sessions) and a custom medicine gift box mailed to you from Ash 

  • Investment: $4,300 ( Split Payment Plan Available. Half Now, The Rest Due In 30 days) 

I am not a licensed therapist and not a mental health care provider. If you are in a crisis or in need of a therapist for psychological help, please contact: 

White Bird Clinic: 541-687-4000 


The National Suicide Prevention Line: 


Having a therapist or counselor or support pod is encouraged if you are wanting to work with me. I like all of my clients to be fully supported in the ways they need & doing the work outside of the work we do together

If while working together you are in need of more extensive grief support than I can give, or in need of Bereavement services, I will be happy to refer you to resources or bereavement counselors in your area. 

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