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Storying Your Death Workshop

What is it to walk with death & actively lean into your grief In A Way That Liberates It?

How Can The Story Of Your Death Teach You About Being Alive? 

Join me in community for a 3 hour immersive intuitive workshop on

authentically storying your own death

& Liberating the expression of your grief. 

I will guide you into your own death storying process by way of:


~Imaginal visioning & automatic writing

~Somatic Grief Movements For Release 

~Crafting & Expressing Your Story In A Safe & Deeply Held Container Witnessed By Community

There will be resting breaks throughout & moments for group integration & take home recording for your keeping. All bodies & beings are welcome. 

About Me: 
I am a queer, black, non-binary psychic medium & death guide. I have survived through severe chronic illness that brought to the death portal and back. I am here to share all that I can on this earthly plane to shift the consciousness back into the scared & the remembering of our spirits & the multidimensional realms we are connected too. If you want to go deep and really get to know me I invite you to check out my podcast
episode below! It tells in great & intimate detail the story of what led me to do this work & the life changing near death experience I had in 2020 while living through chronic illness, that awakened me soul. 

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