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Liberate Your Soul Group Program

 Liberate Your Soul Group Program

This 3 Month virtual group

program is for folks who are ready and  wanting to build connection with their own soul & their own spiritual gifts & then integrate it all into their own waking life & calling by way of the the body, the mind & the spirit, to live an empowered & spiritually filled life. 

  • These 8 sessions are for those who want to go beyond the experience of a reading, this is where I work with you in navigating your unique & beautiful spiritual gifts, how they work and the amazing things you can learn from your spirit guides in advancing your intuitive abilities!

  • 2X month live group coaching calls with an intimate community of like minded folks. 

  • I also share my own personal practices for connecting with spirit and create and environment of exploration & play while while uncovering your own gifts and abilities through meditation, altered states, energy reading, somatic integration and ritual.

  • Sacred Ritual Gift box mailed to you to support you during the program

  • 8-60 min group sessions: Investment: 

  • $2,500+Limited to 8 spaces.

recommend Applying For This Program In Advance As Spots Fill Up Quickly Months In Advance

Apply Here Today!


 Client Testimonials: 

"I went into Liberate Your Soul wanting to learn how to be better connected to spirit and deepen into being in better communication with my body. Also, I was really open to the experience - just following a deep, full body yes without really knowing what I was getting myself into.

I am walking away with the tools I asked for AND MORE!!! I absolutely learned how to be better in touch with spirit, better communicate with my body and also really got validation that I do have mediumship gifts and I the confidence to lean into them more. 

It has really brought me back to life in a lot of ways. As you know, I am deep in a cancer flare up and had been feeling really low energy, low functioning, etc and this work not only helped me be with my current situation more authentically and with more tenderness but also helped me move through it. Especially towards the end of the program, learning about my gifts was this really amazing reminder that I still have so much to offer this world, and that the world still has so much that surprises me. It really was a very delightful and enlivening experience. 

If you are considering this program... What are you waiting for?! Seriously though... this program and working with Ash is much more than words can describe. If you want to feel held in a super safe container and gently guided to explore your inner realms, spirit and your magical gifts then this is it. GO SIGN UP NOW!" 

~ Asher Blue, LYS Alum Summer 2022


Client Testimonial:

"I first sought out Ash’s support and guidance after a loved one passed away and I needed help processing, understanding, and moving towards acceptance. Their Death Guide coaching helped me to find peace.

I felt something shift within me and I have continued to work with Ash as I mourn my own youth filled chronic illness and I needed help shifting out of that identity. During that, I also realized I had spiritual gifts that I needed help to understand and hone.

I enrolled in Liberate Your Soul and it has been transformative. From Death Guide, spiritual chronic illness coaching, to the LYS course work, Ash has helped my soul to be liberated from old narratives that were no longer aligning and helping me to step into my power!!! 

Through working with Ash I have felt supported, seen, and so validated! 

I have been able to break down the iminagry walls in my head, learning to trust my own inner voice and know that the illness my body experienced didn’t mean that I was a sick person, rather, my body was doing all it could to fight. “I” am not sick rather, my body was experiencing illness from pathogens and emotional blockages. 

I am healed. Not because the pain has fully left or that my body is that of a “normal” 28 year old. Rather, I have healed from SO much emotionally in working with ash and that has translated into my physical body feeling better. 

If you are considering working with Ash I would say DO IT !!!!"

~ Emily Levy Al-Humaidhi

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