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“Ash Canty is one of the most skilled mediums I have ever worked with. Ash brought through my dear father with not just love and healing but with a joyous, real, humane connection.


It was as though Ash held both my father and my hand as they connected us. Ash is a powerful force of love. Yes, their details and evidence were spot on, but Ash Canty goes way beyond, bringing through the life-force of those in spirit. 

With exquisite details, personality and message, the essence of my father was brought to life. Mediumship is a sacred, hallowed endeavor and Ash embodies the best of it. I will forever be grateful to them."

~LMC, Chicago

"...everything is a relationship, an ecology of multidimensional forms of being. Decay is the chorus of a thousand life forms, expressing themselves – the microbial dance of an infinitesimal commonwealth..."~Bayo Akomolafe


​Hi! My name is Ash He/Him I am a queer, trans masculine afro-indigenous medium & death guide. 

In late 2019 & into 2020 I almost died from living with chronic illness & that experience awakened me in becoming a Medium for spirit, serving as a bridge of communication between the living and the spirit realm. I also use my gifts to mentor others to connect with their own spirit & abilities & lessening the fear of death. ​I want to offer you my gift of connecting you with your loved ones that departed & teach you how to decolonize your mind so you too can also tap into the greatness of the more than human realm. 

"I wanted to develop my spiritual abilities more, trust what I was receiving from the spirit world, understand somatically how my body was responding with other energies and have better boundaries. I hit EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Ash walked with me and held my hand the entire way & supported me in the unfolding of my mediumship abilities.


I am a deeply sensitive being and I felt so safe in the container that Ash created which made it possible for doors within me to open that I didn't even know were there. I feel so empowered with working with my gifts now that I understand how they work and how to use them which has been a huge shift for me!


Through this program I learned how to create loving boundaries with my own energetic field, which enabled me to feel the fullness of my own power. 

I am walking away with a knowing that my uniqueness that only my spirit can bring forward is not only important but needed now. This work has shown me that me being ME is enough and that knowing in and of itself is invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ash, what you teach  is so important & truly life changing. ~ Elizabeth Lowder 

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