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Energetic Boundaries Class

4-Week Virtual Class Series

Fridays 10am-12pm PST

May 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th 

Where do your begin and another end?


How do you know when energy is yours and when it is someone else's?

How do you stay in your own energy field not matte what room, space or place your in? 


How you are with boundaries in your human life is how you are with boundaries in the spirit realm & how you are with energy.  There is no difference. It has taken me 10 years to fully feel what my boundaries are, state them directly with spirit and loved ones and take full accountability for what I am experiencing and what I am giving consent or not giving consent do in my waking life. 

This journey had led me to be very extremely clear, loving and discerning around knowing with my full body what energy is mine and what is someone else is carrying with them.


We all give off so much energy from our trauma, wounds, illness, injury and emotions. To be able to walk into a space and not take anything on that isn't mine anymore and not be overcome by the energy in the space that I start to have a panic attack has been life altering & mind blowing.


I now know when spirit is causing manipulating energy in my body to get me to send a message to someone I am around or wether it is my own illness/injury or when something else is trying to attach to me that isn't mine and how I reject that energy all together. 

Come join us as I teach you how to read energy, discover your own boundaries, define your capacity and design loving boundaries so you can exist in this world the way you want to, without being knocked off your center by energy that isn't yours. 

I Will Teach You How To:  

-Discern Others Energy From Your Own

-Know Your Energetic Baseline 

-Read The Energy Of A Room 

-Create Energetic Boundaries For Humans & Spirit 

-Call Back Your Power & Energetic Sovereignty

Who Is This For? Well...

Those of you who find it challenging to know what energy is theres or someone else's.

Those of you who have suddenly felt sick or gotten a headache after meeting someone or with a crowd of people.


Those of you who want to say no but feel bad or scared of how they other person or spirit or energy might react or judge you.


Feel resentful after having your energy taken but can't seem to figure out how to not give it out or stop others energies from coming in. 

If this sounds like you,  join me as I guide you through exploring tools & practices to support you in living a more liberated life, directing where you want your energy to go and what needs to having loving boundaries in place to make it feel even more delicious! 

If you are not ready for things to shift in your life & don't even want to look at your boundaries or lack thereof then this course is not for you and I trust that you will find it when your ready. 

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~Energetic Boundaries~ 
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For The Next 48 Hours!

"Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously. Boundaries give us the space to do the work of loving ourselves.

They might be, actually, the first and fundamental expression of self-love. They also give us the space to love and witness others as they are, even those that have hurt us."

~Prentis Hemphill

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