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Balancing Rocks

Private Mentoring

Open For Fall 2024

All Services Are Virtual 

I support adults & youth in giving my 1:1 private access to support them in a spiritually based way, who are needing support around specific areas of death, mediumship, spiritual gifts & abilities, death, grief, chronic illness, empowerment, integration and are ready to make a change now in their life.​

What To Expect:
-60 min 1:1 private sessions 
- Somatic grounding 
-Take home practices each week
-Integration tools 
-Liminal experiences & Learnings from spirit & ancestors 

Areas Of Mentorship:

-Liberate Your Soul

-Terminal Diagnosis & Illness

- Unfold Your  Spiritual Abilities

~Identity Shedding

-Chronic Illness Coaching & Spiritual Understanding 

-Shadow Parts Integration 

~Opening Gifts & Abilities

~Unblocking Fear & Stuck Energies In The Body

-Metabolizing Grief & Strengthening The Spirit System 

-Fear of Death 

Current Fall 2024 Mentoring Packages: 

Wading In The Waters:
3 months of  1:1 mentoring package- 1- 60 min session bi-weekly (2x a month)  
(12 sessions total)

Investment:  $3,100

Payment Plan Option: 

-Pay in 2 payments of $1,550 /month

-Pay in 3 payments of $1,033/month

-Pay in 4 payments of $775/month 

Package Includes:
+ A custom medicine gift box made & mailed to you from Ash 
+1 Weekly 60 min mentoring sessions for 3 months 

This is for those who are seeking private coaching around unlocking  their gifts, abilities & how to work with them& wanting to learn how to integrate them into their day to day life & live between the liminal. 

Fully Immersed Package:
6 months of  1:1 coaching 
(24 sessions total)

Investment: $4,500

Payment Plan Option: 

-Pay in 2 payments of $2,250 /month

-Pay in 3 payments of $1,500/month

-Pay in 4 payments of $1,125/month 

Package Includes:
+24- 60min mentoring sessions 
+ A custom medicine gift box made & mailed to you from Ash 
+6 additional personalized channeled audio meditation journeys each month 

This is for those who want 1:1 private support around a specific area of their spiritual abilities & and want to go even deeper into working with their gifts & ability's. Who want to have more accountable support & need more spaciousness of time in their process and customized audio support meditations sent to you each month. 

BIPOC Discounted Packages: 

This is only for those who identity as Black, Indigenous or person of color. Split payment available. Half now and the rest in 30days. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. 

Bundle #1: 4-60min mentoring session for $600 


Bundle #2: 5-60min mentoring sessions for $750


Bundle #3: 7-60min mentoring sessions for $1,050


Client Testimony's 

"I wanted to develop my spiritual abilities more, trust what I was receiving from the spirit world, understand somatically how my body was responding with other energies and have better boundaries. I hit EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Ash walked with me and held my hand the entire way & supported me in the unfolding of my mediumship ABILITIES (journey). I am a deeply sensitive being and I felt so safe in the container that Ash created which made it possible for doors within me to open THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WERE THERE.

I feel so empowered (with) working with my gifts now THAT I UNDERSTAND HOW THEY WORK. (and actually knowing how they work and how to use them has been a huge shift for me! )THROUGH THIS PROGRAM I LEARNED HOW TO CREATE LOVING BOUNDARIES WITH MY OWN ENERGETIC FIELD, WHICH ENABLED ME TO FEEL THE FULLNESS OF MY OWN POWER. (Through this program I was able to integrate all the other healing modalities I had been doing for years while through this program creating loving boundaries with my own energy field that led to me finally feeling the fullness of my power! )

I’M WALKING AWAY WITH A KNOWING THAT MY UNIQUENESS THAT ONLY MY SPIRIT CAN BRING FORWARD IS NOT ONLY IMPORTANT BUT NEEDED NOW. (I'm walking away feeling like I matter and that my uniqueness that my spirit brings is now only important but needed. This work has shown me that me being me is enough and that KNOWING (feeling) in and of itself is invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ash, what you TEACH (give) is so important & truly life changing."

~ Elizabeth Lowder

“From Death Guide, spiritual chronic illness coaching, to the LYS course work, Ash has helped my soul to be liberated from old narratives that were no longer aligning and helping me to step into my power!!! Through working with Ash I have felt supported, seen, and so validated!I have been able to break down the imaginary walls in my head,
learning to trust my own inner voice and know that the illness my body experienced didn’t mean that I was a sick person, rather, my body was doing all it could to fight. “I” am not sick; rather, my body was experiencing illness from pathogens and emotional blockages.

…I am healed. Not because the pain has fully left or that my body is that of a “normal” 28 year old. Rather, I have healed from SO much emotionally from working with ash and that has translated into my physical body feeling better.
If you are considering working with Ash I would say DO IT !!!!”~ Emily Levy Al-Humaidhi

"Coming to work with Ash, I knew I would be held in a safe, loving container and that I was going to grow, heal, and expand. Having worked with Ash before, I had complete trust in their guidance. Even with all of this knowledge, not having a clear picture of what exactly we would be doing was a little daunting, but I knew that is where the true magic is, so I was open and excited.
Here are some of the things that have changed in my life since starting ... I have finally reached some of the goals that I have been chasing for years – inner peace, joy, contentment, confidence, patience.

The work that I was able to do in the safe container that Ash created has been life changing. I no longer feel fear or pressure around starting my own spiritual business, I’m actually excited and calm about it! I no longer get triggered easily in my parenting but when I do, I’m able to notice it and shift my actions, feel my emotions, and work with those parts of myself. Most of all, through the journeys and explorations that Ash has led us on in this program, I am learning to make peace with my shadows, and have found so much self-compassion and self-love. I am now living my life more authentically, doing the things that bring me joy, listening to my inner wisdom and reclaiming my power.

Ash doesn’t just teach, he shows you the way, through his leadership and by showing up just as he is in that moment, while guiding, holding, and inspiring. If you are looking for a mentor who lives what they teach, generously shares their wisdom while honoring yours, and will take you places you didn’t know you needed to go, Ash is your person." ~Amy Cloutier

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I am not a licensed therapist and not a mental health care provider. If you are in a crisis or in need of a therapist for psychological help, please contact: 

White Bird Clinic: 541-687-4000 
The National Suicide Prevention Line: 

Having a therapist or counselor or support pod is encouraged if you are wanting to work with me. I like all of my clients to be fully supported in the ways they need & doing the work outside of the work we do together
If while working together you are in need of more extensive grief support than I can give, or in need of Bereavement services, I will be happy to refer you to resources or bereavement counselors in your area. 

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