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I come from a lineage of healers. I have the sacred gift of mediumship which enables me to be a channel for spirits, on what I all the other side, to  communicate healing and validating messages back to their loved ones here in this physical world. It is a great honor to offer this very non-binary and healing work, and to be able to show that there is indeed life after death, and truth in the continuation of our spirits' existence. 

What To Know Before Booking:

I cannot control who may come through during a reading. It is always what we need and may not be what we want. So, I always say, come open to the experience and ready to receive powerful messages from your loved ones. 

Mediumship Reading:

Communication with loved one(s) who you knew in this physical realm, who have physically died and are now on the other side with messages & validations of their existence. 

Price: $400 for a 60 min reading

Spiritual Guidance Session:

This is an integrative session where I channel the many different types of spirit guides and beings that surround you & offer healing guidance and support in specific areas of your life, body & trauma. 

Price: $400 for a 60 min session

Medical Intuitive Reading:

This is a body based session where I use my gifts to read your energy body and scan for any imbalances, health issues, pain, chronic illness or disease. I have the ability to see into your body & feel into parts of your body as if it were my own. I am then able to share what I see that might be at the root of the issue you are experiencing or supports for helping the body move or be with these energies within the body. I am not a doctor & do not diagnose or claim to heal anyone with my abilities. 

Price: $400 for 60 min Session

Private Readings 


"My reading with Ash was incredibly powerful. I went in hoping to connect with my grandmother who had recently passed. I was initially greeted by grandfather who helped make space for grandma to come through. There were some VERY specific and validating details that Ash was able to identify. The reading was very moving and even more after the fact when I could go back and listen...

....A particular moment that incredibly impactful was toward  the end of the reading when a message came through for my mom. At that moment my mom came into the room and was able to receive the message herself. Everything Ash communicated from my grandma to my mom was incredibly spot on and meaningful for all of us. 
I think overall the most impactful part of the experience was the affirmation that my loved ones are standing right on the other side of the veil ready to be in communication with me. I am looking forward to being in deeper communications with her and others who have crossed over. I am taking away that I continue to be loved and supported by my ancestors. Ash is a gifted medium and I appreciate their work immensely. "~C.N.


"There were several things in my reading with Ash that were so specific and "secretive" in the sense that no one else would known them, that felt almost giddy to hear - the fact that I have my mom's ring and that the butterflies I always see are her (and so many more). But, it was also the deep and heavy moments of affirming all the intensity this year has held (my mom acknowledging very specific moments in the hospital, questions and doubts that still linger for me, where she reassured me it was ok - I felt seen, like she knew all the wanderings my mind has taken). 

I came into the reading so open, I didn't want to have any expectations, just so much hope that my mom would show up (cue first thing said, "of course I would show up"). I wanted to feel connected to her, to be assured that the little ways I still feel her are real and not just me trying to scrape up something that's not there. I got that. And more. So much more. The gift of knowing she'll never leave me, and the beautiful healing thoughts she has towards me.

I am walking away from this reading with peace. So much overwhelming peace. I feel like a weight lifted off in the strangest way knowing that the universe is infinitely mysterious and beautiful and I can participate in it in ways I never thought possible. I feel so open, so calm to the awe of it all.

I want to stay open, to stay curious, to never lose my wonder about it all. I also will hold so closely the "knowing" that my mom walks alongside me always, a guide to navigate with. I want to continue to explore my spirituality and connectedness to what else is out there (this cracked me open, in the best way)."~Corrie. M

"I am going to gush forever about this reading with Ash!!

If you're thinking about having a reading done with them, please do! Prepare for it to be life changing....

During my reading I felt incredibly affected and touched when I heard how my Grandma, who died in 2015, has been a witness of my life from the spirit realm. She said she knows I've been through a lot here in the human realm, and it was profoundly validating to hear that she knows life here has been difficult and how proud she is that I persisted. She also said she sees how I have worked so hard to heal and nurture myself in ways that parental roles were not able to.


Another impactful part of the reading was when I was reassured that the signs I see around me in nature that are Spirit and Ancestral presence showing up, are in fact very real. It was so sweet to hear that my ability to trust my heart is a major gift that I have and can share with others. Lastly, she asked that I encourage my Grandpa (her husband) who is still here, to go get checked out by the doctor. No joke, I went to see my Grandpa later that day and he had just had a medical emergency happen. Wild!! It was a major blessing to feel her presence with us as we got him through a week of health care gymnastics before he his health was finally restored.Going into the reading I would say I was pretty open to whatever came up during it.


Honestly I mainly wanted to feel a deep connection to my Grandma's spirit. And that is exactly what happened but even more magical than I could have imagined. The biggest shift since has been in spirit and emotion. I've been experiencing an overwhelming sense of peace. It's the kind of peace that comes from feeling you have belonging and support beyond what our limiting human capacity can see. Moving forward, I have a revitalized sense of self empowerment and purpose which I will be working with to keep expanding, fighting and loving my way through this lifetime. Sending immeasurable gratitude and blessings to you, Ash for offering these readings and sharing your lovely and vast energy with the world in this way xoxox"~ Gayla

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