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~The Liberation Portal~

Hello Dear Kin, 

This is an invitation to pause, breathe & take some intentional time to pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle or some incense and sit with each of these questions... writing whatever comes up for you.


I will sit with each application and if it feels like a good fit I will contact you to via email to set up a 30min consultation to connect more within 

I Am So Glad You Are Taking This First Brave Step In Your Liberation! 




Sliding Scale Cost: 

Level 1-Seeding: $2,290

This is for those who can comfortably meet all of their needs and have expendable income and this investment doesn’t cause financial hardship. By paying in full you also make it possible for sliding scale for those most in need.

Level 2-Germinating: $ 1,1850

This is for those who can comfortably meet their needs and have expendable income but also may have debt or childcare costs you are paying down or working on.

Level 3-Sprouting: $1,400

This is for those who are in financial circumstances that make paying full price would cause or impact more financial hardship and can’t afford the level 2 cost.

Please Choose Your Scale
Level3-Sprouting $1,400
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